CN and themanor

were my home for a very long time.  I'm surprised that there's still interest in these things.  Spodding was how I spent most of my high school years and has brought me many good friends.

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Hey all -- I've just found this comm and am in the midst of a nostalgia attack! I haven't been on talkers for years now but have got to check -- did anyone here hang out on Forest, Underworld or Amnesia House around 1994-1997?
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Amazingly I've only just managed to find this.

So... anyone from Surfers?

deeJay, Dizzy, tND, Jaq, Liviy, Lurker, nebby, nightshyfte, Phlebas, Spire, Maxx, Tictac, Badguy, Legna, MrWhite, Nairn, Narenek, Acidburn, Blob, ybanrab, nefilim, crest/trustnoone, Calis, vimto?

1994 - Just now actually
That is from 04:22:58 UTC - Fri, 05 January.
His total login time is 157 days, 3 hours, 36 minutes and 7 seconds.

Where did the time go?

Codes? What does your haunt run?

Owing to the low amount of activity here, I figure I'll try to start something. What code does your haunt run? I know there are a lot of ewtoo users here. Talk a little about it, or customizations that have been made. I'll start things out by pointing you to my code - it's my own deal call CAMS (Cotharyus' Advanced Mush Server). It might not be better than anything else, but it's different.

For the code:

For the talker:

What do you run?


I'm Cotharyus. If you've seen me around, I'm Cotharyus. Unless it was way back in the day (prior to 1997) and then I was Cutter. Past hangouts include (but are not limited to) Hotel, Twilight Zone, Dreamers, Wilderness, Surfers ...and probly some places I don't remember anymore. In fact I'm sure of it. Oh well. Current hangouts include Retro Chat (run by former Dreamers admin, where I coded), Twilight Zone, where I've been pretty much the whole time it's been around, and Wilderness, which is a resurection of the first talker I ran, possibly interesting only because it runs a rather unique NUTS feeling code. If anyone's intrest is sparked, ask questions. After all, typed conversation is a specialty around here...
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was bouncing around in my interests...

...and thought I'd look up "spodding" for the heck of it.

I started spodding in 1995 at Surfers (was Meerclar then). I bounced around to various places eventually like Dreamscape, Foothills and Resort (am kix there, tho not on often). I spent a couple years on MBA4 (as paisley) and currently am admin at kama (as kix) which is back after a number of years offline. I didn't think I'd get all spoddy again, but I have. At least now I'm not avoiding my homework when I do it. heh.

Where do you hang out?

The Night Before Christmas: A Mars Story

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the port
Not a spodling was talking, not a flame or retort;
The modems connected to servers with care,
In hopes that Spod Nicholas soon would be there;

The techies all wrestled MarsCode in their rooms,
With visions of grandeur. (At least, one assumes.)
And Kleo in her mischief and I, with my baud,
Had just setting down for a long winter's spod.

When out in the port there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my room to see what was the matter.
As fast as a flash all my fingers they flew,
For a list of those logged in giv'n to me by WHO.

The glow of the monitor, pale on my face,
Showed names for the newest spod logged in this place.
Yes, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a Mars-Coded sleigh and eight Puppet reindeer,

With a little old coder, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be Spod Nick.
More rapid than broadband his friend tells, they came,
As he greeted his fellows, saluted by name.

"Lo Sidey! Lo Fruvous! Lo David and Gushie!"
"Lo Ghostie and BigG! Lo Kleo and OD!"
"From I am giving this call!"
"Now idle on! Idle on! Idle on all!"

As packets that before Cisco routers do fly,
And find destination ports hence by-and-by,
So to each spod's Friends chan the text fairly flew,
From each little reindeer, and Spod Nicholas too.

Within milliseconds he went to each room.
A brief visitation from this you-know-whom.
As I rushed to type 'home' with a grin on my face,
I saw ol' Spod Nicholas @tel to my place.

His eyes -- how they twinkled! His fingers, how fast!
His title, how witty! His prefix, a blast!
His merry description was pleasantly seen,
In colorful bright ANSI red, ANSI green.

He was cheery and quick, a right jolly old spod,
And I laughed when I saw him, even though he is odd.
The Officer channel stayed perfectly clear,
Which gave me to know, I have nothing to fear.

No shouts nor emotes; he went straight to his work,
Putting things in my rooms; then he turned with a jerk,
He emoted a smiley with a dash for his nose,
And prepared himself for his connection to close.

He sprang to the port, to his team gave a whistle.
Disconnected as fast as an angry cruise missile.
But I heard him exclaim, as he finished his laud.
"Merry Christmas to All! And to Mars a good spod!"
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Hi people,

Surfers is having issues with its DNS servers. This is nothing new, but this time the outage has gone on for long enough for most people's cached copy of the record to expire. I'm trying to contact the person responsible, but almost all his e-mail addresses use the same lame nameservers, so this is proving Fun.

In the interim, Surfers can be reached on:  4242 (or  4242). Could people pass the message on, if they'd be so kind? Don't go posting this to the news of other talkers without the consent of an SU or preferably Admin of the talker concerned, though.

My apologies for taking up a minute of your life if you have no interest in this whatsoever. :)

Dan / ~furry