Kayt (kaytm) wrote in spods,

question here...

ok so i want to learn coding to be able to do and ewtoo talker. can any of you fine people point me in the right direction. of at least where to start.
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Start by downloading and installing ewtoo on your own machine, from ewtoo.org.
Then pick something you want to modify, and work out how. (Feel free to ask again when you get this far.)
EWToo is in C, so you should get a good book on programming in C.
Learn coding? I guess you mean you know nothing about programming?
I'd start learning C some other way :)

You could just download pgplus or some other code base and compile it on your friend's handy linux box following the readme instructions and then pull apart the code with any old text editor changing things around like the text messages until your feel happy modifying it and understand how to fix the silly syntax errors you will make....
Wait until my java talker package comes out. You will be able to write a fully functional talker in about 20 lines of code.
that sounds good :) any clue when that will be coming out?
Go out with an SU. Eventually he will bore you to death by talking in code all the time :)