Dan (lilfurrydan) wrote in spods,

Meet thoughts

Some thoughts following on from something moopet brought up this morning...

Last night, there was a relatively impromptu meet in a pub in London. As I understand it, it was ostensibly something adamosity "organised" by virtue of mentioning in his own LJ that he'd be in the pub at a certain time, and anybody else who wanted to turn up was welcome. Then, on Friday night, gillianj posted mail to her friends on Surfers mentioning that she'd be there. In the end, a lot of people turned up (who I am not going to lj-name-tag here) - far more than I was expecting, much closer to a mini-pub-meet.

The point of all this was that it wasn't particularly well-advertised; why wasn't a news post made so that people who either weren't on gillianj's friends list, or who don't read adamosity's LJ, also able to come along if they liked? Are we that cliquey that we'd prefer not to meet anyone who isn't already on a friends (or friends-of) list? Back In The Day, dj_alexander used to organise meets by posting a pub, a date and a time to Surfers news. You might cynically think that you'd be unlucky to get much response, or if you did it would be ridicule - but surely if we can get fifteen plus people into the same pub at the same time in as under-advertised a manner as this, then it should be possible to get people who *gasp* haven't all met each other before to turn up by posting to news? A

This mostly applies to Surfers - Your Talker Of Choice™ May Vary, but all comments welcomed.
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