Cotharyus (cotharyus) wrote in spods,


I'm Cotharyus. If you've seen me around, I'm Cotharyus. Unless it was way back in the day (prior to 1997) and then I was Cutter. Past hangouts include (but are not limited to) Hotel, Twilight Zone, Dreamers, Wilderness, Surfers ...and probly some places I don't remember anymore. In fact I'm sure of it. Oh well. Current hangouts include Retro Chat (run by former Dreamers admin, where I coded), Twilight Zone, where I've been pretty much the whole time it's been around, and Wilderness, which is a resurection of the first talker I ran, possibly interesting only because it runs a rather unique NUTS feeling code. If anyone's intrest is sparked, ask questions. After all, typed conversation is a specialty around here...
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I hear from a few sources that the old forest pre key might be coming back online and that some of the directors well one is trying to free the code from it's hard-drive prision.
Any onel else here this i also hear there is a forum for forest that other spods seem to know about any one with info please share.
btw i'm incarnate on most places holiday on forest
Nope, haven't heard that rumor, but then the rumor mill for talkers in general turns a long way from me.